Terms and Conditions


1.1 This agreement governs the relationship between ‘you’ and MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia. In this agreement “you” means you, the user of the Service and “your” shall be interpreted accordingly. “Users” means the users of the Service collectively and/or individually as the context permits. By using and/or visiting any section of the Website and using the Services, you agree to be bound by this agreement; our Privacy Policy; any applicable game rules; and any bonus terms (together, the Terms and Conditions).
1.2 We will not file our contract with you so please print it out or save it for your records along with all confirmation emails, additional terms, game rules and payment methods relevant to your use of the platforms and/or Services. This agreement is subject to change (as set out below).
1.3 If these agreements are translated into another language, the English language version will prevail in the event of any conflict between the translation and the English language version. If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions or our Service please contact MS918KISS.COM Online Casino 24/7 Customer Support Service.

2.1 You acknowledge that these terms are subject to change by MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia, which reserves the right to change them at any time. All material changes to the Terms and Conditions will be notified to you via MS918KISS.COM Online Casino 24/7 Customer Support Service.
2.2 If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions and/or any amendment of them you should not continue to use the Service. Your continued use of the Services following any change shall constitute acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, as modified.

3.1 You are under 21 Years of age. Underage gambling is a criminal offence in the Malaysia.
3.2 You are not acting as principal and are acting on behalf of someone else.
3.3 If you contravene any of the stipulations in clause 3.1, then you will not be entitled to collect any winnings. Furthermore, persons knowingly in breach are committing fraud and may be subject to criminal prosecution. You promise that the source of all funds used by you on the Service is legal. To meet our legal and regulatory commitments we may need to ask you questions to confirm that the funds you’re playing with are legitimate. Failure to comply with reasonable information requests may result in closure of your Account.
3.4 It is your responsibility to ensure that at all times you comply with all laws and regulations in any jurisdiction where you are located or resident and that you have complete and unrestricted legal right to use the Service, and to register and participate in the Games.

4.1 Application to open an Account: In order to use the Service, you will need to open an account with us (“Account”).
4.2 In order to open an Account, you can click “Register” on the Website and follow the on-screen instructions.
4.3 In order to open your Account, you will need to provide us with personal information (“Registration Details”).
4.4 You need to be over the age of 21 to open your Account and we reserve the right to ask for proof of your age.
4.5 In opening your Account, you represent and warrant that:
   4.5.1 you understand and accept the risk that, by using the Service, you may win or lose money;
   4.5.2 you are over the age of 21, and above the legal age at which gambling is legal under the law or jurisdiction that applies to you;
   4.5.3 you are legally able to enter into contracts;
   4.5.4 you have not been excluded from gambling; and
   4.5.5 you have not held a previous Account which has been closed by us for any reason.
4.6 Your Account must be registered using accurate Registration Details and it shall only be issued once for you and not duplicated through any other person, family, household, address (postal or IP), email address, device used to access the Service or any environment where devices used to access the Service are shared (e.g. schools, workplaces, public libraries etc.) and/or account in respect of the Services. Any other accounts which you open with us, or which are beneficially owned by you in relation to the Services shall be “Duplicate Accounts”. We may close any Duplicate Account (but shall not be obliged to do so). If we close a Duplicate Account:
   4.6.1 all bonuses, free bets and winnings accrued from such bonuses and free bets obtained using that Duplicate Account will be void and forfeited by you;
   4.6.2 we may, at our entire discretion, void all winnings and refund all deposits (less amounts in respect of void winnings) made in respect of that Duplicate Account and, to the extent not recovered by us from the relevant Duplicate Account, any amounts to be refunded to us by you in respect of a Duplicate Account may be recovered by us directly from any other of your Accounts (including any other Duplicate Account); or
   4.6.3 we may, at our entire discretion, allow usage of the Duplicate Account to be deemed valid in which case all losses and stakes placed by or for you through the Duplicate Account shall be retained by us.
4.7 Following registration we will provide you a username and password. The password that you choose must be kept private and secure by you at all times. Failure to do so could lead to unauthorised activities on your Account. Transactions made using your Account username and password are accepted by us on the understanding that you are playing the Games. If an alternative source has accessed your Account we accept no liability for monies or information lost or misused.
4.8 You agree to be solely responsible for all use of this Website or any playing of the Games through use of your Account username and password. You are responsible for keeping all of these confidential. If you believe your password is being used by a third party, you must notify the MS918KISS.COM Online Casino 24/7 Customer Support Service. Any unauthorised use of your username and password, unless cause by negligence on our part, will be deemed as your use and is your responsibility.
4.9 If any of your Registration Details or financial information (such as bank details) relevant to your Account change, you must inform us immediately, as failure to do so may result in transactions being declined by your financial institution. This can be done in respect of certain account information by contact the MS918KISS.COM Online Casino 24/7 Customer Support Service. We will not accept any liability or responsibility for transactions which are declined as a result of incorrect details where you have failed to make us aware of any changes/correct details.
4.10 MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia reserves the right to refuse to register you and/or to suspend and/or terminate your registration and/or Account at any time in each case in our sole and absolute discretion and we shall not be obliged to provide you with any reasons for so doing.

5.1 You represent and warrant that:
   5.1.1 the Registration Details are correct; and
   5.1.2 you are the rightful owner of the money which you at any time deposit in your Account.
5.2 If we are unable to confirm that you are 21 years of age or over then we may suspend your Account until such time that we are able to confirm that you are the 21 years of age or over. If you are subsequently proven to have been under the age of 21 at the time you made any transactions with us, then:
   5.2.1 your Account will be closed;
   5.2.2 all transactions made whilst you were underage will be made void, and all related funds deposited by you will be returned by the payment method used for the deposit of such funds, wherever practicable; and
   5.2.3 any winnings which you have accrued will be forfeited by you.
5.3 On making a deposit to your account, MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia may use your details to verify your identity as required pursuant to applicable anti-money laundering rules and regulations and/or other obligations, policies or procedures.

6.1 You must have registered an Account with us and deposited a minimum of MYR10 in order to play the Games on our Service. You can then wager up to the amount available in your Account.
6.2 In certain circumstances (for example no deposit bonuses) it may be possible to play the Games without the minimum deposit.
6.3 You can make deposits into your Account by contact the MS918KISS.COM Online Casino 24/7 Customer Support Service.
   6.3.1 When using online payment service, you must ensure that you use from a personal account in your name. We will assume that you are abiding by this and we accept no liability where this is not the case. We reserve the right to retain any deposits and withhold any winnings placed by third party funds.
6.4 When using our services, you will send money to and may receive money from us. We may use online banking services to process deposits and withdrawals from your account.
6.5 The default limit to depositing monies on your Account is:
   6.5.1 A minimum deposit of MYR10 is required.
   6.5.2 MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia reserve the right to increase or decrease the standard site deposit limits for individual players at their discretion.
6.6 In the event that there is a chargeback for whatever reason you accept and acknowledge that we will be able to suspend your Account indefinitely to enable us to investigate and resolve the matter. We will withhold any deposits, cash balance or bonus funds. And if you attempt to circumvent our account linking process we reserve the right to retain all deposits, cash balance or bonus balance on the account.
6.7 The balance held in your Account will not earn interest in your favour.
6.8 You must maintain your Account in order to place wagers in any of the Games. We reserve the right to refuse or limit any wager(s) for any reason, and in any event you are not allowed to place a wager greater than the amount in credit in your Account (after taking into account all previous wagers).
6.9 Subject to the provisions of these terms, you can make withdrawals from your Account up to your current available balance by contact the MS918KISS.COM Online Casino 24/7 Customer Support Service (subject to the conditions set out below and after taking into account all previous wagers). There are minimum and maximum limits on the amounts that you can withdraw from your Account. You may only make a maximum of 3 withdrawals from your Account in any one 24 hour period. Please note the following conditions:
   6.9.1 Withdrawal by online banking transfer is only available for a Malaysia bank account: each withdrawal must be at least MYR50 (save in the case of a final withdrawal to close an account) and no greater than MYR30,000 in any 24-hour period. A transfer will only be made to an account in your name.
6.10 MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia reserve the right to increase or decrease the standard site withdrawal limits for individual players at their discretion.
6.11 If, as part of a promotional campaign or competition, we credit an amount to an account registered in your name, you can only use such amounts as wagers for playing the Games.
6.12 In the normal course of play, players will not be charged to deposit or withdraw funds. However in the event of any suspected misuse of the deposit and withdrawal functionality, MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia reserve the absolute right to charge players a handling fee reflecting the costs of any financial transaction charges incurred as a result of an individual player’s misuse of the financial functionality.

7.1 The following practices (or any of them) in relation to the Services. For the avoidance of doubt ‘Services’ means by MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia. The action we take including but not limited to suspending accounts will be applied to all accounts you hold:
   7.1.1 abuse of bonuses or other promotions; and/or
   7.1.2 using the Service other than for your personal use; and/or
   7.1.3 using unfair external factors or influences (commonly known as cheating); and/or
   7.1.4 taking unfair advantage;
   7.1.5 opening any Duplicate Accounts;
   7.1.6 causing to be published on, or using any actual or potentially defamatory, offensive or obscene language or material on the Website; and/or
   7.1.7 undertaking fraudulent practice or criminal activity, constitute “Prohibited Practices” and are not permitted and will constitute a material breach of the Terms and Conditions. We will take all reasonable steps to prevent and detect such practices and to identify the relevant players concerned if they do occur. Subject to the above, however, we will not be liable for any loss or damage which you may incur as a result of any Prohibited Practices, and any action we take in respect of the same will be at our sole discretion.
7.2 If you suspect a person is engaged in any Prohibited Practice, you shall as soon as reasonably practicable report it to us by contact the MS918KISS.COM Online Casino 24/7 Customer Support Service.
7.3 You agree that you shall not participate in or be connected with any form of Prohibited Practice in connection with your access to or use of the Services.
7.4 If:
   7.4.1 we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have participated in or have been connected with any form of Prohibited Practice (and the basis of our belief shall include the use by us (and by our gaming partners and our other suppliers) of any fraud, cheating and collusion detection practices which are used in the gambling and gaming industry at the relevant time); or
   7.4.2 we become aware that you have “charged back” or denied any of the purchases or deposits that you made to your Account; or
   7.4.3 you become bankrupt or suffer analogous proceedings anywhere in the world, then, (including in connection with any suspension and/or termination of your Account) we shall have the right, in respect of your Account to withhold the whole or part of the balance and/or recover from the account the amount of any deposits, pay-outs, bonuses or winnings which have been affected by or are in any way attributable to any of the event(s) contemplated in this clause 7.4. The rights set out in this clause 7.4. are without prejudice to any other rights (including any common law rights) that we may have against you, whether under the Terms and Conditions or otherwise.
7.5 For the purposes of this clause 7:
   7.5.1 “fraudulent practice” means any fraudulent activity engaged in by you or by any person acting on your behalf or in collusion with you, and shall include, without limitation: (a) fraudulent chargebacks and rake-back activity; (b) the use by you or any other person who was participating in the same game as you at any time, of a stolen, cloned or otherwise unauthorised bank, as a source of funds; (c) the collusion by you with others in order to gain an unfair advantage (including through bonus schemes or similar incentives offered by us); (d) any attempt to register false or misleading account information; and (e) any actual or attempted act by you which is reasonably deemed by us to be illegal in any applicable jurisdiction, made in bad faith, or intended to defraud us and/or circumvent any contractual or legal restrictions, regardless of whether such act or attempted act actually causes us any damage or harm;
   7.5.2 “criminal activity” shall include, without limitation, money laundering and any offence, and any applicable law in any jurisdiction where you are located or resident; and
   7.5.3 “unfair advantage” shall include, without limitation:
   (a) the exploitation of a fault, loophole or error in our or any third party software used by you in connection with the Services (including in respect of any game);
   (b) the use of third party software or analysis systems; or
   (c) the exploitation by you, of an Error as defined, in any case either to your advantage and/or to the disadvantage of us or others.
   (d) Manipulating bonus functionality. For example this includes but is not limited to:
   ‘Tier 2’ strategy whereby a player will look to increase the bonus amount awarded by initially staking on a non-contributing or low contributing game before transferring winnings to a contributing game; delaying the playing of a game round until after the wagering requirement for that bonuses has been met, and/or they have deposited new funds. This includes all bonus and/or free spin modes and features which may arise as a result of wagers made using the player’s bonus balance; equal, zero or low margin bets or hedge betting.
7.6 In exercising any of our rights under clause 7.4 in relation to a Prohibited Practice, we shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that, while complying with our regulatory and other legal obligations, we exercise such rights in a manner which is fair to you and to our other customers.

8.1 To deposit funds and place stakes on the Service, you will be asked to provide information about yourself (“User Information”). User Information will only be used for the purposes as set out in this Privacy Policy. We comply with all appropriate laws and regulations related to personal data including the Data Protection Act.
8.2 MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia uses “cookies” to keep track of your personal preferences whilst using the Service. “Cookies” help ensure a better playing experience.
8.3 A “cookie” is stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile devices. Cookies contain information that is pertinent to the gaming session you have initiated. You may refuse to accept cookies by switching the setting within your browser. However, if you select this setting you may find using the Service less enjoyable. Unless you have adjusted your browser setting so that it will refuse cookies, cookies will be issued to your system when you use the Website.
8.4 By providing your User Information, you accept that we may use and retain your User Information for the purposes of providing the Service and that it may be held by us or any third party company which processes it on our behalf. These third parties are permitted to use the data only in accordance with our instructions. We may use your User information in order to send you information about our products and services (including by phone and other electronic messaging services such as text or automated calling systems). We, and our affiliates may also contact you with information about their products and services including special offers and rewards, and we may disclose your User Information to our affiliate for these purposes. Your information WILL NOT be passed on to other third parties for marketing purposes without your consent.

9.1 MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia is committed to the security of all personal and banking details entered onto the site.
9.2 By registering and depositing cash online MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia employees do not have access to your bank details. Please note that MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia will be carrying out substantial fraud checks.

10.1 We may award bonuses to players upon successful registration and/ or at any point during your continued use of your Account. Bonuses are open to residents of Malaysia aged 21 or over, who register to full member status. Please read the terms and conditions of any bonus promotion carefully and make sure that you fully understand their contents. By participating in a bonus, you agree to be bound by the relevant bonus terms and conditions (“Bonus Terms“). All bonuses are optional, players can opt not to participate at the point of claim.
10.2 Please be aware that Bonus Terms will ordinarily contain important wagering requirements which require you to stake a minimum number of wagers before any bonus and any winnings derived therefrom may be withdrawn. Wagering Requirements for each bonus will always be communicated as a multiple of either the deposit; the bonus; or both.
10.3 A bonus with wagering requirements will only be given to players who have agreed to receive the bonus and accept the relevant Bonus Terms. Only one bonus can be active at any one time unless we state otherwise.
10.4 Once the relevant Wagering Requirements have been met, the amount in the Bonus which is then available for withdrawal. Only bonus stakes will contribute toward Wagering Requirements.
10.5 If you deposit funds into your Account, this will show in your Cash Balance. Only the Cash Balance is withdrawable. A withdrawal request will result in the forfeiture of the Bonus Balance.
10.6 We reserve the right to limit maximum withdrawals for non-depositing recipients of bonuses. This also applies to non depositors who make a deposit following a win from their bonus funds. For these players the maximum withdrawal will still apply. Withdrawal limits are specified per promotion and for welcome offers are listed at Promotions.
10.7 Any bonus issued is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of issue unless otherwise stated in the specific promotion. Any remaining/unused bonus at the end of the stated period will be removed from the player’s Account.
10.8 We reserve the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate a bonus or promotion at any time for any reason whatsoever, without notice to players. However, we will use reasonable efforts to provide advance notice to the players of any such modification, alteration, discontinuance or termination.
10.9 Our current welcome offers are outlined here Promotions with their specific terms and conditions.
10.10 We reserve the right to refuse any bonus to any player for any reason. No correspondence will be entered into.

1.1 We may run certain promotions associated with the Service. All such promotions are managed by MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia.
1.2 No prizes will be awarded to employees, (and their families), agents (including advertising agencies and promotional companies) and successors and assigns of MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia and its contractors.
1.3 In selecting winners the decision of MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia on the winner is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
1.4 We will make every effort to contact winners via telephone. The prize must be claimed within 30 days of our contacting you, or it will be forfeited.
1.5 Winners are solely responsible for paying all taxes, fees and any other expenses associated with the acceptance and use of the prize, unless otherwise stated in specific promotion terms and conditions. We accept no other liability whatsoever in relation to prizes.
1.6 We shall not be responsible for lost or misdirected messages, unavailable network connections, failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed transmissions, on-line failures, hardware, software or other communications failures or circumstances affecting the award of this prize.
1.7 We reserve the right to extend, amend or remove any and all aspects of a promotion at any time, without prior notification to You.
1.8 We reserve the right to retire a game with a progressive jackpot at our discretion. Should we exercise this right any remaining contributions to the jackpot will be added onto another jackpot system of our choice.

The Terms and Conditions contained herein represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between you and us and supersede and merge all prior agreements, representations and understandings between you and MS918KISS.COM Online Casino Malaysia with regards to playing games on the Website.

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